Condenser Corrolla 2008-2013 model


Condenser Corolla 2008-2013 model. Brand new a/c condenser for Toyota corolla 2008,2009,2010,2011, 2012 and 2013 model. It is available in stock and bits in Lagos,Nigeria.

Same day delivery in lagos and 24 hours to other south-western states in Nigeria. 2-3 days delivery to other states and cities in west-African Countries. 


Condenser Corolla 2008-2013 model.The car condenser is a vital component of the AC system that converts refrigerant from gas to liquid state . it can travel through the air conditioning system and works as a heat exchanger. During the conversion state, a tremendous amount of heat is forced out of the refrigerant.

There are three very important functions the condenser performs in keeping your air conditioner performing its best. These includes: rejecting superheated refrigerant gas, condensation, and subcooling refrigerant once it is transformed back into a liquid state.

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