Home & Office Delivery Terms and Conditions

Thanks for choosing to buy from us, we are hoping to give you the best experience, please read carefully and heed to the below terms and conditions.

1. Tell us your real name and also tell us your nick name if you have any.
2. You must be with your phone to avoid wasting time of the delivery man, please this is very important. Ensure you are set with cash or ready for quick cash transfer.
3. The delivery man has every right to tell you to come out and meet him, incase he is not comfortable with where you want him to meet you.
4. You must provide us with a real address, hotel and junctions are not allowed. Address must be home/office or mechanic workshop.
5. On arrival, you are to check the goods, and give it back to the delivery man. We are not to wait till you fix/install it before payment, if you want your mechanic or panel beater to confirm it, let him be on ground before the delivery man arrives. He is to check whether what we supplied you is what you ordered not to fix/install before payment.
6. We must confirm your payment before you are allowed to take the goods, send your receipt of payment to our whatsapp in case where we are yet to see alert.
7. Any complaint thereafter will surely be taken care of, we are committed in serving you better, we cannot run with your money. If the item supplied is not compatible we will change it and give you another one if price is same.
8. Please acknowledge if you have read the above and accepts to bide by the rules or not. Don’t order for goods if you don’t have money to pay or not ready. God bless you!

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