Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I pay on delivery?
Yes, but only for lagos customers at the moment. We receive full payment before we ship goods to other parts of Nigeria.

2. Why not pay on delivery to other cities?
At the moment we don’t offer pay on delivery to other cities because we don’t have agents or outlets in those cities at the moment. But we are working and expanding as the days go by.

3. How do I receive my goods after payment?
We use quick transportation means, it will only take a day to receive your goods in South West, South South, South East and Abuja, Northern states can take 2 days, but states like Ogun, Ibadan, and Akure can get their goods before 24 hours.

4. Is there guarantee on the goods?
Yes, some goods comes with guarantee while some don’t, read the description of individual goods before purchase.

5. Can I return, change or ask for refund?
Yes, read our Returns, Change and Refunds Policy.

6. Is it free delivery?
No, you pay for delivery of the goods, currently we don’t have free delivery, unless on promo goods.

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