Returns, Change and Refund Policy

1. We accept return of goods if the goods we supplied are not compatible with your car or not what you ordered. But in case we supplied the wrong side, it will be corrected and changed without further payment.
2. We accept change of goods if there is mistake from you. Example, you ordered for right side instead of left, we can change it without further payment if the price corresponds, but if the side you want to change it to is costlier than the one you bought, you have to pay extra money before it can be changed and the delivery fee.
3. Brand new products must be kept neat and packets not torn or scattered, must be In good condition as supplied to be eligible for change or return. No refund or change of goods used or installed. Please make sure you keep any goods you wish to change or return in good condition. Ask your mechanic /technician to check the goods very well before installation.
4. Make sure, your mechanic or technician is certain with his diagnosis before ordering for parts, goods received in good condition are not refundable. Example. Your mechanic told you your car Brain Box is bad while the problem is not brain box but a wiring issue, you found out that the problem remains after changing the brain box and now you demand for refund. We don’t accept that.
5. Please check your goods very well after receiving it, immediately notify us if there is any complaint, try and fix the goods within 7 days after receiving it.
6. In case where we ran out of stock on certain goods, we will refund your money if you have already paid for it immediately.
7. If what we supplied is not compatible with your car or not working and we don’t have the right one for your car, we will refund your money within 2-5 working days through the same medium of payment.

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