Brain-Box Highlander V6 2020 model


Replacement brain box with compressor for Highlander V6 2020 model. This is also called the engine control unit. Foreign used, available in Lagos, Nigeria

Same day delivery in Lagos and environs, 24 hours to other south west states, 2 – 3 days delivery to other cities in Nigeria and West African countries


Brain-Box Highlander V6 2020 model.   Foreign-use  Replacement Brain box for Toyota Highlander V6 2020 model. Foreign used Brain box is available in Lagos, Nigeria.

Brain Box prices are not stable, prices might change at any given time.  There are differences in numbers and might affect the price change but we will do our best to update prices on daily basis.

The above number might not be exactly what is in stock at the time of supply. It’s advised you send us the numbers on your own so we can get the marching numbers available.

NB: it’s advisable to scan your car to confirm the brain box is bad before ordering for brain box, most times rewires and mechanics can confuse you.

Always tell us the issue with the former one before making your orders.

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