A/C Condenser Lexus gx470 2003-2008 model.


A/c condenser Lexus gx470 2003-2008. It is available in 2003, 2004,2005,2006 and 2008 model. Brand new A/c condenser Lexus gx470 2003-2008 model available in Lagos, Nigeria

Same day delivery to places in Lagos and 2-3 days to other places and cities in West-African Countries.


A/C Condenser Lexus gx470 .Brand new A/c condenser Lexus gx470 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008 model.

The car condenser is a vital component of the AC system. It converts refrigerant from gas to liquid state, so it can travel through the air conditioning system. The condenser works as a heat exchanger.  During the conversion state, a tremendous amount of heat is forced out of the refrigerant.

There are three very important functions the condenser performs in keeping your air conditioner performing its best. These include rejecting superheated refrigerant gas, condensation. subcooling refrigerant once it is transformed back into a liquid state


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