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car upgrade parts or face-lifting parts and accessories available in stock.

Upgrading Cars In Nigeria – Do you know that you can take your 2007 model car and get it to look like a new 2020 model car? Funny right? But as funny as it may sound, the truth is that you can. The process of totally changing the look of your car to a suave one is called ‘facelifting.’

Face lifting a vehicle is wide and not just about the actual appearance of a vehicle. In all actuality, anything can be adjusted or overhauled in the vehicle. The motor, suspension, upholstery, tires, grille, headlights and taillights, directing, dashboard, and a lot more can be updated.

In Nigeria, the most well-known update you’ll see is on the external body of the vehicle. That is the flame broil, headlights, and taillights. These are fundamentally what Nigerians allude to as overhauling.

Not many individuals redesigning a vehicle make a fuss over the inside and each other things like the motor. Car producers themselves discharge facelifted vehicles as new models and genuinely on the off chance that they can do that, who are you not to?

car upgrade parts or face-lifting parts available for Toyota corolla,  camry, highlander, avalon, prado, landcruiser,  hilux, tacoma, tundra, lexus es300, es350, gs300, gs350,  rx350,  gx470,Mercedes etc.

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